Healthier Traditions Cookbooks

To help people make healthy choices, Transamerica Institute® has published updated editions of four free cookbooks in its Healthier Traditions Cookbook™ series, including Quick & Easy, Italian, Soul Food, and American Classics.

The Healthier Traditions Cookbook recipes have been expertly crafted by dietitians and offer healthier ingredient swaps to increase nutritional value – but without sacrificing flavor. Each of the recipes include nutritional facts, evidence-based details, helpful tips, and modifications for specific dietary needs (when feasible). Additionally, many of the recipes and meals have vegetarian substitutions and are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats to support a variety of dietary preferences. All cookbooks in the series are free and available for download below.

HTC Q&E 19 Simple Recipes

Healthier Traditions: Quick and Easy features 19 recipes made from common pantry ingredients in 20 minutes or less. These recipes are also wholesome and plant-forward, encouraging more vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. It features the following recipes: 


HTC Italian

Healthier Traditions: Italian includes 18 favorite Italian classics with recipes that leverage vegetables as possible substitutes for meat. The dishes are just as flavorful, but higher in nutrients. Many of the recipes also provide more whole grains and less sugar, while using all whole food ingredients. Additionally, some of the recipes meet specific dietary needs by being naturally gluten free or offering vegetarian modifications. It features the following recipes: 

Appetizers & Sides:           


HTC Soul Food

Healthier Traditions: Soul Food was developed in collaboration with the Association of Black Women Physicians and features 19 Southern recipes. It includes suggested substitutions for making many of the recipes vegetarian or vegan, as well as replacing deep-frying with pan-frying or baking. This cookbook also features interesting historical facts about soul food. It features the following recipes:  


HTC American Classics

Healthier Traditions: American Classics includes 19 favorite comfort food dishes. These recipes incorporate more vegetables and use less oil, sugar, and salt. The cookbook includes many tips for making recipes gluten free or vegetarian. It features the following recipes: