Saver's Credit - Tax Incentive for Retirement Savers 

Savers Credit - A Tax Incentive for Retirement SaversThe Saver's Credit is an important federal tax credit that many eligible taxpayers who are saving for retirement may be missing out on. Only 49% of workers are aware of the credit, according to the 23rd Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey of workers.
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How to Claim the Saver's Credit

Tax Year 2022-2023

How to Claim the IRS Savers Credit
Fact Sheet

Are You Eligible to Claim the IRS Savers Credit Matte Release
Matte Release

Reclamar el Crédito del Ahorrador

El año fiscal 2022-2023

Reclame el credito del ahorrador
Hoja de datos

Un incentivo del IRS para ahorrar para la jubilación
Información detallada

Who Is Aware of the Saver's Credit

Download the Infographic

Who Is Aware of the Savers Credit Infographic

Saver's Credit Trend Analysis Report

April 26, 2022

The Saver’s Credit: A Tax Credit That Pays to Save for Retirement report provides an overview of the Saver’s Credit, a historical trend analysis, research findings from TCRS 22nd Annual Retirement Survey, and recommendations for public policy. Twenty years since its establishment, the Saver’s Credit has proven to be an important incentive for workers to save for retirement. However, many workers are inadequately saving and have a tenuous retirement outlook.

Policymakers have an opportunity to enhance and expand the Saver’s Credit, with ideas such as implementing an ongoing educational campaign to promote it, simplifying it, and making it refundable.

Important Note: Subsequent to the publication of this report, the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 was enacted. Beginning in 2027, the new law reimagines and replaces the Saver's Credit with the Saver's Match, a matching contribution from the government for retirement savers meeting income eligibility requirements.



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