Our History

Rooted in Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies®

Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS) began more than a decade ago. Back in 2000, it was evident that planning for retirement was a daunting task for many Americans. To respond to this challenge TCRS was created and began asking questions about how prepared people felt about their retirement future. To address these questions and more, the Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey was created and is currently in its 20th year. As a part of a nonprofit, private foundation, TCRS uses the results of this research to educate the American public on saving and planning for a secure retirement.

Over the years TCRS has been nurtured and cultivated with tremendous thought and care, and has been able to expand its study and examine the issue of retirement from many angles. The annual survey is now one of the largest independent studies of its kind; it emphasizes savings trends, attitudes, and behaviors among American workers and segments within the population, including women, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, trends of employer-sponsored retirement plans and their participating employees, retirees, and the implication of legislative and regulatory changes.

Expansion Beyond Retirement and Creation of Transamerica Center for Health Studies

TCRS celebrated its 10-plus years as a leader in retirement research by expanding its scope beyond retirement planning and into health care. As part of the expansion, a newly named Transamerica Institute® created Transamerica Center for Health Studies® (TCHS).

TCHS helps to inform the national health care conversation by bringing clarity to the complex decision-making regarding health coverage and personal health and wellness. TCHS engages with the American public through national surveys, its website, research findings and consumer guidance. Through its broad-based analysis and the publication of its research findings, TCHS offers consumers and employers a guide to navigate the financial implications of health care decisions. It also collaborates with health care experts and organizations that are equally focused on health coverage and personal health and wellness.

Looking Forward

Transamerica Institute, through TCRS and TCHS, looks forward to the next decade and beyond, helping Americans prepare for whatever is over the horizon.