Coronavirus Trusted Resources


As the situation associated with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, nonprofit Transamerica Institute is evermore committed to its mission to educate and empower people to make informed decisions about their health and retirement. Below is a curation of trusted resources to help you navigate these unprecedented times. Check back regularly for the latest information.

Resources for Older Adults

Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

  • General Information and Updates on the Coronavirus
  • Finding Local Resources for Meals and Food
  • Medicare
  • Caregiving Resources 
  • Social Security, IRS and Tax Updates
  • Combatting Social Isolation Advice from AARP

Health and Wellness Resources

Transamerica Center for Health Studies

  • General Information and Updates on the Coronavirus
  • Information from Local and State Health Departments 
  • Occupational Safety and Prevention Measures for Workers and Employers
  • Food Safety Guidelines from the FDA
  • Mental Health Support and Information During Disease Outbreaks