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Age-Friendly Workplaces Conference 2020

CAFES 2020 Conference

Join us at this groundbreaking event dedicated to showcasing best practices for recruiting and retaining experienced employees. It will unveil research findings from the Colorado’s Above-Fifty Employment Strategies (CAFES) initiative. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to network and learn from experts in local CO and national organizations about the impact of population aging on the workforce and the imperative of integrating experienced employees into the workplace. Register now for the conference! (Registration is required as space is limited.)

Age-Friendly Workplace Programs:
Recruiting and Retaining
Experienced Employees Conference


*Registration is required as space is limited*


February 27, 2020

McNichols Civic Center Building
144 W Colfax Avenue, Denver CO 80202
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HR professionals, company executives, and others interested in the aging workforce and shaping the future

This event is free to attend. Advanced registration is required.


Funding provided by NextFifty Initiative and co-sponsored by the Colorado Governor's Office

Agenda at a Glance 

Catherine Collinson  |  CEO and President, Transamerica Institute 

Greetings from the Capitol
Dianne Primavera  |  Lt. Governor (Invited) 

Future of Work 

Joe Barela  |  Executive Director, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Keynote - The Longevity Economy 
Paul Irving  |  Chairman, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging

Key Highlights of CAFES Research
Brian Kaskie  |  Associate Professor, University of Iowa - Health Management and Policy
Lunch and Table Discussions of Best Practices

Living, Learning and Earning Longer & Employers Taking the Lead
Ramsey Alwin  | Director, AARP Thought Leadership
Rick Guzzo  | Partner & Co-founder, Mercer Workforce Sciences Inst.
Moderated by Richard Eisenberg  | Managing Editor, Next Avenue

Connections Among Colorado Nonprofits
Panel discussion with leaders of local initiatives, including:
Karen Brown  |  Director, Changing the Narrative Age-friendly Workplace
    Initiative & SAPGA
Khristine Rogers  |  State Director, Senior Planet & OATS
Janine Vanderburg  |  Director & Chief Catalyst, Changing the Narrative

State Policies and Programs Pertaining to Experienced Employees
Panel discussion with CO experts, including:
Katherine Keegan  |  Director, Office of the Future of Work (Invited)
Moderated by Janice Blanchard  |  Office of Governor Polis (Invited)

What's Next - Phase Two of CAFES Research in Colorado

Brian Kaskie and Catherine Collinson

Colorado's Above-Fifty Employment Strategies (CAFES)

Transamerica Institute, in collaboration with the University of Iowa College of Public Health, and with funding from Colorado-based NextFifty Initiative is embarking on a ground-breaking research project, CAFES.

Population aging, a phenomenon resulting from the combination of longer life expectancies and lower birthrates, has widespread implications for both employees and employers across the state of Colorado. Indeed, Colorado’s workforce is growing older. In 2015, working Coloradans over the age of 55 accounted for 20 percent of the state workforce. By the year 2030, more than one in four persons working in the state of Colorado will be over 55. Many workers will want and/or need to stay in the workforce beyond traditional retirement age in order to adequately save and achieve financial security when they retire.

The project’s overarching goal is to transform how employers address the needs and preferences of experienced employees across the state of Colorado. The two-year project will accomplish these four specific goals:

  1. Through a survey of Colorado employers, identify and assess how they are addressing experienced employees,
  2. Disseminate information about best practices adopted by Colorado employers,
  3. Facilitate implementation of best practices among Colorado employers, and
  4. Initiate a state-wide public awareness campaign that highlights how employers can successfully address the implications of Colorado’s aging workforce.

By illuminating how employers are addressing this unprecedented labor force change and identifying policies and programs that have the greatest impact on experienced employees, best practices can be shared across the state. This effort to move Colorado’s employers closer toward meeting the needs and preferences of an age-friendly workplace constitutes a substantive contribution to improving future opportunities to age successfully in Colorado.

Transamerica Institute encourages HR executives and decision-makers in Colorado to complete this important survey.

Take the survey 


Colorado's Aging-Friendly Workplace Survey
Press Release

Researchers seek Colorado business participation in survey to identify best practices for recruiting and retaining age 50+ workers. Learn more.

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